7 Unusual Marketing Trends for 2021

Science Marketer Weekly

June 10, 2021

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In this week’s issue:

This week’s issue is all about relationship marketing. In other words, how you can connect and build deeper relationships with your audience. This can be done through segmentation and personalizing your marketing.

Also in the issue: peak performance and getting into a “flow state”. This helps you achieve deep focus… so you can work better and more efficiently. 

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7 Unusual Marketing Trends Nobody is Talking About

Neil Patel outlines the 7 marketing trends for 2021 that nobody else is talking about.

For example, it’s easy to copy marketing strategies these days. It’s easy to study other companies in the science industries and clone what they’re doing.

So what’s separating you from everyone else? What’s separating your marketing from your competitor’s marketing?

If your campaigns look like everyone else’s, then you’ll need to rely on something else going forward. That “something else” is your brand and the relationships you form with your prospects and customers.

8 Expert Tips to Help You With Relationship Marketing: Personalize Your Content and Segment Your Audiences

Speaking of relationship marketing, this article shows you 8 ways to personalize your content and segement your audience better.

I’m often thinking about segmentation for this newsletter. I haven’t started doing it yet, but I could (for example) segment based on science industry, job function, or even specific interests.

Right now, everybody who gets SMW in their inbox each week shares the general title of “science marketer”. Or they’re at least interested in science marketing. But this is probably too broad, so expect a survey in the not-too-distant future :).

Anyway, check out the article if you’re interested in personalizing your content.

The #1 Virtual Event Platform

I’ve talked before about how digital events aren’t going anywhere… even after lockdown restrictions have eased off.

So connecting and engaging with people more effectively through digital media (rather than in-person) will be critical in the future. And this includes personalizing these connections as much as you can.

Intrado Studio is the leading webcasting and streaming platform, acquired from INXPO. Delivering over 70,000 events annually, they help organizations communicate effectively with their employees, customers, investors and the media.

On this page, you can check out some of their offers as part of their collaboration with Content Marketing Institute.

Work In A Flow State For 2+ Hours Per Day

Switching gears, let’s quickly talk about performance at work. Developing the ability to enter a “flow state” and focus intensely on your work would help you do your job better and faster, right?

I first came across the term “flow state” when reading up on Steve Kotler’s program on Mind Valley. So I was intrigued when I heard Jari Roomer talk about it here on Medium. In the article, he outlines three things that can help you repeatedly reach this state of maximum performance.

How to Increase the “Meaning Quotient” of Your Work

This article lists 3 strategies you can use to bring more meaning and significance to your work.

If you don’t fancy reading the whole thing, scroll down to the section, “Strategy #1: Tell five stories at once”. Pay attention to this, because the concept of telling stories that focus on your customer (rather than your company) is similar to the idea of focusing on your customer in your marketing.

Events: The Reunion Event for the Biotech Industry

BIOSPAIN 2021 will be a pandemic-compatible, “hybrid conference” that could become a reunion event for the international biotech industry.

The event will combine tradeshows, events, and networking opportunities. And biotech companies will have the chance to present their projects to potential investors (on-site and through digital channels).

Of course, whether or not it turns out to be a “reunion event” remains to be seen. But it’s still exciting to see in-person events making a comeback after the last 12 months or so of isolation. And it’ll be interesting to see how relationship marketing plays a role in these conferences going forward.

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